About Us

BY THE GIRL, was born because I wanted to create a brand that helped solve different problems we face as majestic menstruating beings. To have products that make that time of the month just a little easier.

It was late one night and I was deep in a Youtube rabbit hole. You know the one, the one that ends deep in the middle of the night...sometimes in the morning, when it finally registers that you're on your 15th pimple popping video and you're so confused because you started with beauty tutorials. Just me? Oh okay...

On this particular night, I had somehow started watching videos on periods. A suggestion came up for a menstrual cup review and in it a very excited woman shared her experience with the cup and how it had changed her life. She spoke of this cup that you could wear for up to 12 hours.

Okay, wait. What?! You mean to tell me that I could trade my every 4 hour bathroom runs? I could say goodbye to the awkward feeling when you're at a friends house and you have to change your tampon but you don't want anyone to know you're on your period so you try stuff your tampon up the sleeve of your shirt like you're Wolverine.

Sign me up! Once I figured out how to use it, it delivered on that promise. But now it was out and I guess I needed to clean it. I scrambled to the instructions already half way to imagining me drenching this thing in cups of alcohol. I guess they knew that't what most people would want to do because that is exactly what I was NOT supposed to do. So how was I supposed to clean it? 

Boil it? Wait what? Boil it in what? In a pot? Where exactly are they proposing I get this pot? Like one of my cooking pots? You mean the pots I use for food? Those pots? 

Steamulate was our first product, a menstrual cup steam sterilizer,  because we have enough things to worry about between period cramps and making sure we don't leak, boiling our menstrual cup should not be one of them.

Coming Soon: the menstrual cup UV sterilizer. Pre-order now and get 50% OFF!