How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup

You don't need to boil or microwave your menstrual cup to sanitize it anymore. There is a better way that is safe, convenient, automatic, discreet and it only takes a few minutes. Using a menstrual cup sterilizer is the better way to sanitize your menstrual cup. Make sure that your cup is well rinsed before using the steam sterilizer. 

What is a menstrual cup sterilizer?

It is a machine specially designed to automatically sanitize your menstrual cup using steam. There is secure casing at the base of the machine that houses a heating element. A small amount of water is placed above this casing into a dedicated compartment. Once the machine is turned on, the element heats up and begins to boil the water turning it to steam. The steamer is a better way to sanitize your menstrual cup. It is discreet, time efficient, convenient and chemical free.

How does a menstrual cup sterilizer work?

The sterilizer uses steam to sanitize your menstrual cup. The machine cover is made up of secure double walls with a small hole at the top to allow a small amount of the steam to escape (similar to a pot lid). This cover creates an optimal environment for the steam to efficiently collect and sanitize your cup. The hot temperature is created by the steam is what sanitizes your menstrual cup. The water heats to up to 100°C/212 °F (this number will varying depending on your altitude)

Does boiling a menstrual cup sterilizer actually kill germs?

According to WHO, temperatures of 140°F to 150°F applied for at least 1 minute are enough to kill most microbial pathogens (bacteria, protozoa and viruses).

How do you use a menstrual cup sterilizer?

1. Fill the menstrual cup steamer with water.

We recommend you use distilled or purified water to avoid the calcium build up from hard water. Click here to find out if you have hard water. 

Purified/distilled water not an option for you? No worries, you can use regular tap water but you may have to clean the element every so often to remove any calcium build up.

How to clean your menstrual cup_step 1

2. Place your menstrual cup inside the steamer.

The compartment in this menstrual cup sterilizer is large making it compatible with most menstrual cups. 

How to clean your menstrual cup_step 2

3. Cover and press the power button once to turn on the steamer.

How to clean your menstrual cup_step 4

4. Allow sterilizer to steam cup for 3-10 minutes


5. Once the cycle is complete, the steamer will automatically turn off.

***You will hear a clicking sound. Once this happens, make sure to press the power button to turn the steamer off completely. 

How long does it take to clean your menstrual cup?

Depending on how much water you use, the steaming process takes anywhere from 3-10minutes. 

According to WHO, temperatures of 140°F to 150°F applied for at least 1 minute are enough to kill most microbial pathogens (bacteria, protozoa and viruses) so you should efficiently be able to sterilize your cup with the shorter 3 min cycle. If a "deep clean" makes you feel more comfortable, you can do a longer cycle.