One Million Cup Campaign

Buy One, Give One

We have partnered with Viva Lily Co (Formerly known as Butterfly Cup Company) to bring menstrual cups to girls and women in Zimbabwe. For every menstrual cup steamer that you buy, we will make a donation to the one million cup campaign.

The goal is to provide menstrual cups to 1 million impoverished Zimbabwean girlsSo far Viva Lily has given away 20,000 menstrual cups since it's inception.

Did you know that girls on their period will sometimes miss the entire week of school because they don't have reliable products to use during their period. 

The campaign provides a girl with the correct education and their own menstrual cup. One menstrual cup helps eliminate the need to worry about any other sanitary products for another 10 years.

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Impact of Menstrual Cups for Low Socio-Economic Status Women & Girls in Zimbabwe Over 4 Years (Case Study)

In 2016 menstrual cups were introduced to 50 women in Epworth, Zimbabwe to assess the uptake and acceptability of the menstrual cup as a form of menstrual management method for women and girls of low socio-economic status. The trial also served as an opportunity to asses any issues that may arise during the use of the menstrual cup.

This video was made 4 years later to see if the ladies are still using the cup and if they would recommend it to others including schoolgirls.

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